Parody The Voice of Barack Obama with Voice Changer Software Diamond

President Barack Obama has a very distinguished voice, filled with sincerity, confidence, and determination. In this post today, we will show you how to change your voice and talk like Barack Obama with the help of a voice changer software.

1 – Download AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 7.0

This voice changer is a very good one among any their voice changers, it’s superior in voice quality and the ability to change your voice in real time.

Plus, it has the features to help you edit audio files, morph the vocal of a song and many other useful functions for audio needs.

Download Voice Changer Software

2 – Import sample voice to Voice Comparator

On the main panel of AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 7.0, click on the Comparator button to open Voice Comparator.

voice comparator of voice changer
Open Voice Comparator

– In the Voice section, click the Add button to open the Voice Import panel.

Import audio for Voice Comparator
Import audio for Voice Comparator

– Click on the Browse button and select the Barack Obama’s original voice file.
– In the Person textbox, type the name for the voice as “Barack Obama”.
– Type what he says in the voice file into the Phrase field: “We were founded upon the ideal that all are created equal.”
– Click the Import button to finish the import process of the new sample voice. The Voice Import dialog box will be closed.

Note: To re-listen to the new sample voice, click the Play button.

3 – Record your voice with voice changer and compare two voices

– In the Record section, click the Rec (2) button to start recording your voice.

*Note: Try to mimic Mr. Obama’s voice over the tone, speed, rhythm and volume.  The quality of the final result also depends on how you mimic the sample voice in this step.

Mimic Barack Obama with voice changer
Mimic Barack Obama with voice changer

*Tip: You can also manually compare. Use the Timbre, Pitch and Adv. Tune sliders in the Morpher module (3) of VCS Comparator to manually change your original record voice to what you think is alike to the sample voice yourself, then click the Compare (4) button to get the comparison result.

– If the record of your voice is qualified, VCS Comparator will make the comparing automatically, then suggest the best settings in Pitch, Timbre & Adv. Tune that make your voice sound most alike to the sample of Mr. Obama’s voice.

– If you see the message “Cannot make comparison. Please, try to record your voice again,” it might because you spoke too low or too fast. -> Close the message and try again.

That’s it. You already have the voice of Barack Obama. But you can improve the voice if you want, with Equalizer and Noise removal.

4 – You can also improve the voice with Equalizer

– Click the Advanced button to expand the Advanced panel.

– Select the Equalizer tab, turn it ON, click on the Preset button and select Soft.

*TipYou can also make changes on the preset when it is loaded in the Equalizer tab. If you want to turn it off, click the On/Off button on the tab.

Barack Obama voice changer Equalizer
Barack Obama voice changer Equalizer

5 – Improve voice quality and remove noise output

Before making more changes, click the Save button on the Voice Morpher module on the main panel to save the current settings.

Get back to the Advanced panel:

– Select the Sound Quality tab, turn it ON (1),
– Turn on the Limiter module (2), turn on the Noise Reduction module (3)
– Then slightly adjust these parameters: Release, Attack, Reduction, and Threshold until the noise disappears less.

Remove noise output for Barack Obama voice changer
Remove noise output for Barack Obama voice changer

So, how do you feel at the moment?

The voice is really good, huh. Please enjoy with friends and family. You can call them on a real time Skype talk, Discord chat, or even record a speech for a party. Anything is possible.

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